My son and daughter-in-law (Nate and Jess Dorman), bought me this book at the recent Writer's Expo, and I just want you to know how much I am enjoying the recipes AND the music. I also appreciate the amount of info on different ingredients in the back of the book.

Priscilla Dorman - , MA

We had Marilynn and Steve in our home for a family brunch. Steve played wonderful music in the background while Marilynn help prepare food from her cookbook. What a great time!

Rebecca Kibbe - Sanbornton, NH

We are having another couple over for dinner and I just heard Steve's CD for the first time. I am planning on playing it while we dine. Great Jazz and perfect compliment to dinner and conversation.

Carol Ehlen - Durham, NH

"No Fret Cooking" is a delightful cookbook from cover to cover. The recipes are simple...and the alternative ingredients used so fresh and tasty. At a recent book signing, I had an opportunity to taste some of the desserts made from these recipes. Truly amazing! Absolutely delicious! A perfect gift for my son (who loves his guitar and could so tune in to Steve's talent) and my daughter-in-law, Carolyn (both love to cook!) A real find for me!

Carole Fair - Mechanicsburg, PA

I absolutely love the cookbook! I have made several dishes so far & they all rock!

Susan Sirois - Dover, NH

This cookbook is chalk-full of recipes. There are so many recipes you won't know where to begin. The recipes for Baba Zunouj and Chicken Salad are terrific! Also, I really enjoyed the herbal and spice section which is very helpful in knowing which herbs and spices go well with certain foods. And to top it all off is Steve Carter's music which is wonderful! Don't tell Marilynn but I not only listen to his cd's while cooking and dining but also in my car! All kidding aside, this is truly great collaboration of wonderful recipes and beautiful music!

Michelle Coffey - Madison, NH

The best cookbook EVER! This is a wonderful addition to my cookbook collection. It is unique, filled with healthy delicious sounding recipes, and abounds with interesting tips and insights. The book is beautiful visually and a joy to read. I read it from cover to cover the first day I got it. And the music is fabulous! And, it's not just for cooking and dining. My husband and I sit on our deck, watch the birds, and listen to the CDs. They are calming and beautiful. All and all, this would make a wonderful gift for folks who love a delicious, healthy meal, prepared easily without fret!

Toni McFarland - Houston, Texas

What a great idea! Music to Cook By! from the talented husband and wife team of Marilynn and Steve Carter (a great guy and one of my Berklee guitar instructors). My wife Bonnie will love this - as will I!! As will YOU!!

Scott S. Cavanagh - Boston, MA