Finding a No Fret publisher

 So the book was almost done and the next step was to find a publisher and this being my first book, I had no clue. My friend Beth, a relatively new author herself had some experience in this process and offered to barter with me for a healing session for her mom and in exchange she’d research some publishers for me. I gave her my list of priorities and she came up with Infinity Publishing. I loved the name, their logo is a figure 8 which is my birth number and as I often go on intuition this publisher felt right. I called the local number and had a great conversation with a rep. Having no experience in this area I immediately felt comfortable and a connection. I still had work to do on the book, so I put this thought on the back burner for another few months and called again. I realized the rep was nearby in MA and I set up a meeting for Steve and I to go in and talk in person, see some of their books and have our questions answered. After our meeting, we both knew that this was the publisher for us. In the past when I worked as an Operations Manager at a local hospital, I was used to getting 3 quotes but Infinity felt so right for our book that I trusted in my intuition and we signed on. For a new author, the process seemed fairly simple and we had the perfect triad team working with us. As we await the final print approval it seems like a great time to say thanks to Tim, Michelle, and Mark of Infinity Publishing for all their help along the way. And, of course, a very special thank you to my Zumba, cooking buddy Beth Boynton ( for finding us a great publisher. Also a big thank you to the Universe for providing me all the help I needed along the way to make “No Fret Cooking” come to life!!!