University of Massachusetts Boston Food Day Celebration

On Oct. 15, 2013, No Fret Cooking participated at the University of Massachusetts Boston Campus for their first Food Day Event, which marked the beginning of food related events taking place on campus and ending on October 24, the day The Center for Science in the Public Interest designated as Food Day, a nation-wide celebration. It was exciting and a lot of fun for Steve and I to be part of the initiative to help spread awareness about healthy, real food and how we each can play a part in creating a more sustainable world. Steve played relaxing music that created a calming atmosphere. Students and teachers were able to sample mini muffins that I made from vegetable pulp extracted from my juicer. Everyone was amazed how good they tasted! I had a large poster that featured information about non-GMO, cooking sustainably, eating seasonably, and info on labels. I also had information on Slow Food, What is Sustainability, What is GMO, The Dirty Dozen Plus and the Clean 15, Cooking from Scratch, as well as handy Food Storage Tips. We enjoyed many interesting and meaningful conversations with the students. Two nursing students, Stephanie and Melissa, very committed to making healthier changes and agreed to pose for a picture at our table. As a practitioner and an author of a cookbook with the philosophy for healthy, safe food, I am encouraged that word continues to spread around the country in support of sustainability and healthier resources.


As I continue to do my part spreading awareness each day, I feel there is a need for me to offer others just beginning their journey awareness guidance and information cooking classes. As I believe every one of us is unique, I can tailor info sessions and classes to meet your interests.

A sampling includes: Cooking Gluten-Free, Sustainable Cooking, Healthy Cooking, Vibrational Cooking, Desserts by a Sneaky Cook.

Waste Not

Diana, a reiki student of mine who bought a copy of No Fret Cooking a while ago, loves using the recipes. The other day she mentioned she wanted to make muffins but didn’t have any squash to put in the molasses muffins.  She had just juiced some vegetables and decided to replace the squash with the pulp. She called to let me know how great they came out. This was so great to hear as I envision people eventually tweaking the recipes with their own preferences. This reminded me that my juicer also removes the pulp and although I’ve often used the carrot pulp to make carrot cake, I’d not used pulp from a combo of veggies, so I decided to tweak my own recipe and while I was at it make the muffins gluten-free. Check out this new GF muffin recipe in  the recipe section.


Got a recipe you’ve tweaked? Let me know and I’ll share it on my site.