Spring into Spring

Hooray, Spring is finally here! The snow is gone, early flowers are starting to peek through the earth and it’s a perfect time of year to detox the body. One of my favorite and easiest ways to clean your internal home (YOU) is to sip on green drinks. With that in mind, I signed up to participate in the Green Drink Challenge started by my friend Jennifer Hill of Intuition Nutrition. I looked in the fridge and starting pulling out fruits and vegetables with the vision of creating a new concoction for us to try and the following recipe unfolded. What was really cool about this drink was my husband couldn’t tell that his least favorite green was included, said it was delicious and wouldn’t mind having it more often.

Spring into Spring
2 large handfuls of arugula
1 Cortland apple, organic
3 stalks celery, organic
2 green pears, organic

Wash everything, juice up and ENJOY!

Spring Into Spring Cocktail