An Evening of Healthy Eating at Newbury Public Library

No Fret Cooking was invited to present an evening of healthy eating and music at the Newbury Public Library in New Hampshire. Although this small town is tucked away from city life, the members of the community were very health conscious and interested in exploring healthier alternatives. The slide show I presented spurred some interesting conversations during and after the event. And as it is the season of Spring, I cooked up a pot of Madagascar Stew, recipe in cookbook, which featured seasonal vegetables for the audience to enjoy as well as some gluten free treats. What was inspirational for us was that there were several young children at the event that asked questions and were excited to cook from No Fret Cooking, enjoyed talking with Steve about music and couldn’t wait to play Music to Cook By while they cooked and Music to Dine by when they enjoyed what they made. For Steve and I, this is what No Fret Cooking is about; the sharing of information, meeting new people, and spreading awareness about healthy eating, the enjoyment of food, music, and community!

May Day at the Wiggin Memorial Library

On May Day, The No Fret Cooking duo gave a presentation at the Wiggin Memorial Library in Stratham, NH. As participants arrived, Steve played music from the cookbook to entertain everyone while they waited for the presentation to begin. About 30 people attended, all interested in learning more about the food we eat, how to cook mindfully and more healthy. Since the library already had a copy of NFC in their cookbook section, many of those attending were familiar with the book and had some great questions. For those not familiar with the book, I mentioned it was more than a cookbook as it included several mini chapters to help one get started exploring healthier cooking choices. I had a power-point presentation that interfaced with my philosophy behind the book and how cooking from scratch is worth the work. I shared some cooking tips and talked about how to make some simple ingredients to have on hand. Steve talked about the music, gave a little lesson and played some music to dine by while everyone sampled the four seasonal treats I’d made for tasting. Steve and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with everyone at the Wiggin, and if you haven’t been to this library I suggest you check it out as they have many exciting and enjoyable upcoming events!