No Fret Cooking Second Edition Published!

Steve and I are very excited to share our news about No Fret Cooking! As of July 30th, 2014, the second edition of No Fret Cooking became available for purchase through our own company, Maat Publishing.

As we continue to receive great feedback about NFC, our goal for the second edition was not to change the focus or recipes but to add in more information so our readers could continue to learn more about healthy eating. New highlights in the book include: updating the Dirty Dozen list; a few recipes had their directions simplified or clarified; new information for some alternative sweeteners; a couple of new additions added in the alternative ingredients section; information on how to tell the difference between wild and farm raised salmon; and an in-depth index to make your search for a recipe or ingredient even easier.

Enjoy the second edition of No Fret Cooking and be sure to visit us at and also at as we have lots of new happenings coming soon – a book trailer, videos, more recipes, and listing of upcoming events!

‘Til then, here’s to your health as you cook and create healthy food you love to eat while enjoying the music!