Apple Harvest Day 2014


Although the weather this year at Apple Harvest day was cloudy and drizzly, Steve and I enjoyed being part of Dover’s annual town event. This year we changed things up a bit as we shared table space with Jo-el Gavel of Happy Mess Studio. Jo-el does all her creative work there, and you can find her studio located in the mill building at 1 Washington Place. She is also the artist who designed and did the water color for the cover of NFC as well as our new logo for Maat Publishing, our own publishing company. Despite the not so perfect weather, there was a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the day.

Big Blue Marble


As late summer transitioned into fall, Steve and I headed to Pennsylvania to do a book and music event with a local author at Big Blue Marble, a very cute, welcoming bookstore nestled comfortably in the residential area of Mount Airy, Philadelphia. We were thrilled to have our daughter Wendy there and a few of her friends. As I talked about No Fret Cooking and answered questions, Steve played music and attendees sampled Sam Endive appetizers, a recipe in the appetizer section of No Fret Cooking. As it was a warm evening, we paired the appetizer with some fresh Garden Grove Delight Water, which our daughter had happily named. Here’s the simple No Fret recipe:

Fill a large pitcher with filtered water, leaving about 3” at top so there will be room to add the other ingredients. Squeeze ½ a fresh orange into the water and slice remaining half of orange into rings that you will cut into fourths, use ½ a fresh lime and ½ fresh lemon slicing both then cut into fourths, slice about ¼ of a cucumber and cut into fourths, and finish with a handful of fresh mint. Stir and let sit for a few hours so flavors to infuse the water. Depending on what you have on hand, your personal preferences, and your intuition, you can create your own special treat.