The Green Elvis


Wondering what to make for breakfast, I noticed 3 bananas ready and waiting to be used, so I thought: okay, a smoothie it is. In no fret fashion, I looked in the fridge to see what else I could use. Out came some walnuts, small dandelion leaf, and a few pieces of romaine lettuce remaining from a recent trip to the farmers market. I put everything into the blender and added some water but then decided a bit of peanut butter would be a fun add in. I whirled everything up and served my husband a glass. For those who don’t know my husband Steve Carter, he is a musician and music is always playing in his head. On tasting the drink he said, “This is really good!” He asked what was in it, and after I told him all the ingredients, he said, “We should call it The Green Elvis!” So that’s how this drink got its name and whether you share it with a musician or not it’s sure to be a healthy, delicious treat!

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