How-To Festival at Portsmouth Public Library

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On Saturday, August 1st, at Portsmouth Public Library in Portsmouth, NH, I participated in the second annual HOW-TO Festival. There were 25 different presentations or events that took place over a period of 5 hours. My presentation was from 2:00 – 3:00 on How-To Make Healthy Cooking Choices. The attendees at my presentation were interested in health and learning some more tips about healthy eating and some interesting conversations were had. Near the end of the presentation I walked them through the process to make their own organic vanilla and they got an opportunity to smell real aged vanilla. Everyone was super excited to go home to make some for themselves and for friends. Before my presentation I got to walk a labyrinth, learn about seals, and do a bit of weaving. I totally enjoyed participating in this event and was super impressed by how the event flowed so easily and how helpful all the library staff were. Many thanks to Portsmouth Library and the staff; it was evident that a lot of work went into making this a fun day which was enjoyed by people of all ages!

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