Salmon Falls Stoneware, Throwback Brewery meet Madagascar Stew

We’re excited to be exploring some possibilities of working with local artisans.

We’re going to be offering recipe cards with Salmon Falls Stoneware products. Today we picked out several of their excellent pots to test our recipes in them. We had planned on having Madagascar Stew for dinner tonight, so we decided to try seving it in a Salmon Falls Stoneware chowder bowl.

The bowl is just the right size for a single serving of the stew.

Last week we talked to Throwback Brewery about possibly doing some events with them.While we were there we tasted their Spicy Bohemian beer and liked it a lot, so we bought a bottle.

Throwback Spicy Bohemian

Since the stew has jalapeno peppers (fresh from our container garden), we decided to pair the stew with the beer. We also added 2 tablespoons of the beer to the stew.







The stew came out great, as usual. We were afraid that the jalapeno flavor in the beer — which is very prominent — would overpower the spices in the stew, but that was not the case. It turned out to be an excellent pairing.

Here’s the stew in the bowl:

And here’s the serving, with Papa Beer and Mama Beer servings of the beer:

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